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*Lauren Braceland, 33

Favorite WOD & Lift – Grace & Helen / Squat Clean

How long have you been at Proven – Aug 2013

What was your fitness background before Crossfit – soccer growing up and being the # 1 couch potato

How has your life changed since Proven – I am not the fastest or the strongest…some WOD’s I come in dead last…and I am ok with that…because each day I show up is a win in my book…I also have better self-confidence then I have ever had in my life…never thought I would feel comfortable in my own skin

Crossfit goals this year – String pull-ups together, be smart with my lifts and my knee issues and also continue to have a good attitude, listen to my coaches

Favorite Cheat Food – Pizza

Advice for new members – Yes Crossfit looks intimidating and yes Crossfit might not be right for you but you will never know unless you try…also don’t listen to what non-crossfitters say…no one knows what you are capable of except for you...we are also a big family and I couldn’t be happier with the friendships I have made along the way…

Experience with the coaches at Proven – I have very knowledgeable coaches who only want to push and encourage you to be your best all the time…oh and they are good at putting me in my place…lol

Most proud of since you’ve joined Proven – all the accomplishments I have achieved since I started…and also not listening to the people who told me I would never last…


*Coach Britt started asking me to write this testimonial right around my year anniversary at Proven. I kept putting it off because I didn’t feel whatever I could say about my time and journey was all that important. There are tons of fit, strong, and incredible athletes at Proven and I’m not anywhere near the strongest person at the box, nor am I even in that great of shape. Then I realized, that I was measuring myself against other people and that I am in astoundingly better shape than when I first walked in the door. I’m stronger, I don’t get winded climbing up stairs, I can run around with my daughter without needing a breather and I feel better than I’ve felt in years. If I could have read a testimonial about a lazy fat guy who got a little less lazy and fat, maybe I would have joined up sooner.I played sports all through childhood, into high school and ended up playing varsity soccer and varsity lacrosse. During this time I was always in pretty good shape, but never gave it too much thought. This changed when I left high school and went to college. I played some club lacrosse, but didn’t really make it a priority. I DID make drinking, eating, skipping class, and enjoying myself a priority. This all added up pretty fast and I went from 185 at the beginning of my senior year of high school to 225 at the end of my freshman year of college. Over the next 7 years, my weight went through an ebb and flow as I tried off and on to get back into shape. My wife got pregnant in September of ’12 and we were overjoyed. However, pregnant women eat …a lot, and I made sure to keep up. After my daughter was born the loss of sleep, the quick ease of fast food, and a busy work schedule all collided to push me up towards 235/240. I’d known Coach Matt and Coach Britt for a few years outside of the box, and gave them a call, asked about coming to Proven, got all the details and decided I was in. The very first WOD I ever showed up to involved what felt like a million pull-ups. I don’t really remember how many I did, or what else the WOD involved, but I remember putting on every possible band to make just getting one pull-up possible and it felt embarrassing. I didn’t even tell me wife until after the first week or so, because I wasn’t sure if I would keep going. But, the coaches, the Proven Family and my continually growing waistline all motivated me enough to really and I went all out.I’ve been going to Crossfit Proven for about 14 months, and in that time I’ve lost about 35 pounds, I feel like a new person with energy and stamina, I feel stronger and more capable and I actually look forward to coming to the Box and sweating. All of the coaches at Proven are incredibly people who actually care about helping each and every one of us become a better athlete and healthy person. It shows every time they take an extra second to cue us on a lift or to give a tip to help with dubs. The Coaches have all pushed me past what I expected of myself.Since joining: I’ve lost weight, I look better (at least I think I do), I’m stronger, faster, full of energy, and I am starting to re-claim my body. I’ll keep coming back, keep trying till I can’t lift the bar, then probably try one more time.Ollie Bartine, 2015


*How long have you been at Proven? I started in August of 2013.

What was your fitness experience prior to CrossFit? I played soccer in high school and Rugby in college.  I would dabble in exercise classes and participate in Yoga, but other than that I never stuck with anything.  Soon after college, Jason and I married and settled in to our “professional careers”.  This included no exercise routine.  Two children later, and 15 years of marriage, I was not taking the time to exercise or watch what I was eating.

How has that experience grown? The classes are motivating and the changes in programming keep it very exciting.  Jason joined Proven just a few months after me and it has now become our new way of life.  Not only do we share in the workouts, but we are more conscious of how we eat as a family. 

How has your life changed since Proven?  I feel I am better wife, mother, sister and friend.  Not only do I feel better; I am stronger mentally and physically. Most of us balance busy schedules with work and children, and Crossfit is easy to fit into that lifestyle, with the number of classes offered each day.

What has your experience been like with the coaches and staff at Proven? The coaching relationship is great.  Matt and Britt know how to push me a little harder and recognize when I can increase weight in strength training.   There have been many times I have sent a text to Britt about nutritional questions and she responds right away; she is available as a resource inside and outside of the box.

What are you most proud of since you've joined the Proven Family?  Since joining Proven, I have lost 20 pounds and can even RX some of the WODS!  I am also proud that I competed in the Paleo Lurong Challenge.  I was challenged to change my eating habits and test  myself  physically.  The Proven team including Paul, who led the coaching, illustrated how well the team works together.  The support throughout that 11 week program was phenomenal. It is exciting that the box offers competitions, healthy eating challenges and support in whatever you partake in.

Kara Neuhoff, 2016


Nutrition Training

*I was struggling with my energy and having a difficult time recovering from my workouts and I decided to let Britt overhaul my food routine.  I also have dealt with Hashimotos for about 20 years.  much to my surprise being a healthcare professional myself, I was not eating enough fat or carbs because for years I thought both were bad and did not want to gain weight.  needless to say she has changed the way I look at food and now realize I need these things to help with my thyroid, my energy and recovery.  Since I started this about 10 months ago I have put on more muscle, still fit in my clothes, have more energy and do not “crash” after a intense workout.  It took some time to adapt to eating more calories but now I know I need it and can tell when I haven’t eaten enough.  I also decided to go dairy  and gluten free and my body has not felt better!  I encourage anyone who is struggling with fatigue, decreased performance, joint aches to let Brittany evaluate your food choices.  PS, I have also PR’d all my lifts since changing my food!!!

Becky Coots-Kimbley



*When I started at CrossFit I felt proud that I was finally eating “healthy” and I felt that getting back to a gym was the final step in my quest to get back in shape. After completing a few WOD’s I thought – this is seriously tough, great - but tough. I remember one specific WOD – rowing and jump squats like it was yesterday because I fatigued after rowing. Britt stepped in and finished the WOD with me (something I will never forget) then asked a very simple question that would forever change me – “What did you eat today? “ I proudly answered – eggs and toast! Keep in mind, cereal and carb loaded breakfasts were my thing. Britt responded – that’s not enough. You need to eat MORE.  MORE? I was always taught less is more with food, eat less, lose weight. Seemed simple. Well, Britt and I got to talking and I revealed that I was insulin resistant, suffered from PCOS, was overweight, and suffered daily from Crohn's Disease. She told me about ETP and mentioned it involved eating Paleo, Gluten free, and dairy free. 

I loved my dairy, and did I mention before – sugary carbohydrates? But I thought – it hasn’t worked for me yet so let's give this a try. That was 3 months ago and I haven’t looked back. 

The Nutrition Training provided by Britt has been life changing, not only for me, but also for my husband, and 2 children (ages 5 and 3). Cutting dairy and gluten from my daily food intake was easier because of the support system she provided.  Eating more healthy foods took some getting used to; it was tough and worth every step.

I am proud to say I no longer suffer from Crohn's attacks that put me in the Emergency Room, I don’t crash or get severe headaches from Insulin spikes, my strength and energy have increased more than I thought possible and I JUST FEEL GOOD.  Plain and simple.  At the beginning Britt said to me – “you don’t know how sick you are until you’re not anymore”, and it couldn’t be truer.  I look forward to continuing to work with Britt to keep this new lifestyle going. 


Jess Bealer


*I am what you would consider a “late bloomer” when it comes to fitness. For years I would try to “get in shape and eat right” with no legitimate consistency. Throughout my twenties and well into my thirties I would constantly start and stop different diets and different exercise regimens to no avail. I would have some fitness success, and then I would “hit a wall” and not have the energy or motivation to progress further.  All the while I would fluctuate between an unhealthy 50 lb weight differential, the lowest of which landed me in the hospital thanks to my following a trendy “no carb” diet. I am happy to say that changed after being a Proven member and starting nutrition training. I realized quickly after working with Britt that the main reason that I was not achieving fitness goals or consistency was not due to my lack of will or motivation, but the simple lack of consistent nutrition to reach those goals. With Proven Nutrition Training I was able to lay the nutritional foundation to not only help me achieve my fitness goals, but also to lose weight , increase energy, and most importantly learn how to eat the right foods in the right combination that I should be eating. Britt does an excellent job of personalizing your plan in a way that is ideal for you to reach your goals while being incredibly accessible to help adjust your plan, answer questions, and help you every step of the way. Two months into my sessions I lost 20lbs, 8% body fat, and 6 inches from my waste. More importantly, however, was the fact that I was able to begin to have the confidence to set fitness goals (such as running  the Philadelphia Marathon) and have the guidance and knowledge from a nutritional standpoint to help achieve those goals. The only thing that surprised me more than how quickly I began to see results was the fact of how much sense the program actually made. For years I was doing EVERYTHING wrong. I actually lost weight and gained energy by eating MORE food than I was eating before. I was NEVER hungry because the counseling is not a diet plan or something that is difficult to do for a period of time: it’s training to help eat clean, healthy foods that we are meant to be eating in the first place. I would highly recommend Proven Nutrition Training  for anyone that wants to lose weight, gain energy, or be educated on how to better your nutritional knowledge to help increase athletic performance.


Dan Martin 2016


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