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Derek Wakefoose


Head Coach, Derek’s athletic career began at age 10 with soccer and baseball. Within the year, he realized he held a passion for all athletics. Over the next few years Derek participated in soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, and football, excelling in anything to which he commits. In 2008, Derek began his CrossFit and Olympic lifting journey. He devoted all of his time and energy into developing his gymnastics and Olympic lifting. In the following years, Derek qualified two times for junior nationals in Olympic lifting. At 18, he received his CrossFit Level 1 Certification and immediately began assistant coaching. Since 2014, Derek has been coaching in both group and personal settings. Eight years of personal experience, combined with an extensive athletic background, has allowed Derek to help many people of all ages. With Derek’s help, these people have been able to find success in their health and fitness goals. Outside of the gym you can find Derek climbing trees, reading, learning and spending time with friends. His passion and positive energy brings a welcome addition to the CrossFit Proven staff. 

CF-L1 Trainer